Have Kingdom Fellowship in Christ

An important lesson of the New Testament is that believing in Jesus necessitates our participation in the Kingdom of God. These are the focus of Paul’s preaching at the end of Acts 28, the Kingdom of God and Jesus Christ. And this is natural because Jesus is our King of Kings, and we should live for His Kingdom.

Our koinonia should be the fellowship with the Kingdom of God as the focus. What is our progress toward God’s Kingdom in our life? And also breaking bread, reflecting on the Word of God. These are the fruitful discussions that should be the core of our fellowship in Christ.

As Apostle Paul said, worldly sorrow brings death, but godly sorrow brings repentance (2 Corinthians 7:10). Worldly concerns lead to vanity and meaninglessness. But godly concerns lead to repentance and bearing fruit in our life. Godly concerns should be the focus of our fellowship in Christ–how can we save more souls and sooner?

We hope that our church can be full of the beautiful Kingdom-focused conversations in Christ.